About Seraphim Press

Seraphim Press is a collaborative publisher who provides a home for the following authors:

ANNA ERISHKIGAL – writes science fiction, fantasy and romance, as well as screenplays. She professionally edits fiction, both content editing and developmental editing, including books that have been translated into English from other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

VICTORIA LINCOLN – is best known for her Edgar Award Winning true crime novel, A Private Disgrace: Lizzie Borden by Daylight.  Seraphim Press is pleased to bring her books back into print on behalf of the late Victoria Lincoln’s estate.

OURANIA LEE – believes romance is the perfect canvas to explore deep-rooted social issues. Her stories tend to have a supernatural twist.

ANNA T. MERRILL, ESQ. – writes legal self-help, frugal living and emergency preparedness books. She professionally edits non-fiction books and texts with a technical nature in the legal, business, real estate, architectural, scientific and engineering professions, including policies and procedures manuals, and texts that have been translated into English from other languages. Sometimes, if she’s in the mood, she’ll answer a quick Intellectual Property question.

Seraphim Press also provides EDITING, book FORMATTING (both paperback and ebook), COVER DESIGN, and TRANSLATION services (inquire about languages), as well as full-service DIGITIZATION to scan and bring old, out-of-print books back to life.

We also coordinate multi-author box sets.

For the ADDICTIVE READS cooperative:

  • Addictive Paranormal Reads
  • Addictive Reads: The Winter Gift
  • Addictive Reads: Escape Into Romance


  • The Fates of Worlds box set

Seraphim Press does not accept submissions. Nor do we wish to sell you an overpriced “publishing package”. Our expertise is to help you identify which areas of the publishing process you are not (yet) ready to tackle yourself (such as editing, formatting, cover design, or uploading to the distributors) and provide any services you need to bridge the gap a la carte.