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Welcome to my books page!  Here are my ‘babies,’ the books I birthed in between schlepping my real-life babies around to activities, my day-job, neglecting my poor husband, and volunteering for two science fiction/fantasy conventions (yes, I like to LARP).  I hope you love the little darlings as much as I do (the books, not my kids, though if you want to love them too … erm… that’s kinda creepy).

To see an overview of each series and catch a little insight into what inspired me to write it, click the SERIES TITLE below and it will take you to a series overview page.  From there, you can click on the link beneath each book cover to get the full book description and worldwide purchase links.


(epic fantasy / space opera / a bit of romance)

At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth.  One man rose to stand at humanity’s side.  A soldier whose name we still remember today…

“Better than Game of Thrones…” –Reader review

Learn more about the Sword of the Gods series HERE


(fantasy / romance)

“This is not a light-hearted fantasy. It is serious, complex, transcendental, and at times, heartbreaking.” –Reader review

Learn more about the Children of the Fallen series HERE 


The Auction Trilogy

(literary fiction / western romance)

Available as three short interlocking novels, or a single massive omnibus doorstopper.

“A fresh new look at a Classic; Jane Eyre hits modern times!” –Reader review

Learn more about the Song of the River series HERE


(i.e., whatever sparks my interest to write about)

“A poignant tale. Getting a do-over on your deepest regret is a one in a million opportunity! I really enjoyed it!” –Reader review

Learn more about my Standalone books HERE


I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world, and what better way to do it than telling your stories to readers in different cultures? I have this Excel spreadsheet with my “World Domination” plan (i.e., the top-127 languages. Why 127? Because that’s how far down the list I have to go to get to my ancestral “Scottish Gaelic” which I speak a bit. Every year, I add a few short novels to my growing list and, if I can put together a good translator-editor team, I keep translating more books in that language. See if I’ve got your favorite language? Or write to me and ask for your favorite language?

Translated editions are HERE


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