Prince of Tyre

At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity’s side. A man whose name we still remember today…

The legend about the greatest superhero to ever walk the Earth continues in Prince of Tyre. Mikhail has a new mission: train the warriors to fight back against the mysterious kidnappings so his adopted village will be safe for Ninsianna and their expected child. But the journey from soldier to general is never easy, especially when the Chief’s son undermines his authority. Challenges compound when they learn ‘lizard demons’ have put a bounty on Mikhail’s head.

In heaven, rumors of a cure to stave off extinction winds its way through the Emperor’s armies. Raphael is charged with finding this ‘Holy Grail,’ unaware the solution lies closer to home. The Eternal Emperor and Shay’tan are so busy outwitting one another that neither notices Lucifer is a little ‘off’ … or that a much more ancient Evil One outmaneuvers them. A tragic death forces the Alliance to choose which leader they will follow in an epic showdown. The Emperor … or Lucifer?

“Better than Game of Thrones…” –Reader review

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“I simply can’t count the number of times I wanted to wrench my heart out and cry for the characters…” –Reader review

“You only think you know Lucifer! We really get to see what is going on in his god-like head, how he has suffered, and why he does the things he does. This series is SUCH a good twist on modern religions and really gives one something to think about, if one is open minded…”  –Reader review

“If you want to get an idea of how good her characters are, imagine this: I actually found myself sympathizing with a man who would beat the crap out of a pregnant woman. Bad guy? Who’s the bad guy? In a war, there’s no right and wrong, merely who’s side you are on…” –Reader review