Anna T. Merrill

Anna T. Merrill practices family law and intellectual property law on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is passionate about providing affordable, sensible legal services for ‘real’ people who the mainstream legal system has forgotten. She serves men and women equally, but volunteers her legal services to various agencies to help low- and moderate-income people access the legal system.

She has worked with agencies such as the Committee for Public Counsel Services Children and Family Law Project, and also pro bono legal work for women’s services agencies such as WE CAN, Inc., and the Women’s Bar Foundation Family Law Project for Battered Women. She is also trained in corporate law with a specialty in business continuity services (i.e., disaster planning) and worked five years in the business continuity field helping Fortune 500 companies draft and implement continuity (disaster) plans.

She is a graduate of Massachusetts School of Law, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Lesley University and an Associate’s Degree in Business from Fisher College. In her spare time, she kills off opposing parties in her fiction.

Anna has written the following books:

Divorce Bootcamp Legal Self-Help series

How to Get (and Keep!) an Abuse Prevention Restraining Order

Divorce Bootcamp for Low- and Moderate-Income Women
Divorce Bootcamp for Low- and Moderate-Income Men
Divorce Bootcamp: A D.I.Y. Guide for Divorcing Couples
Divorce Separation Agreements Demystified

Cheap Yankee Guides

Financial Triage: Salvaging Your Life When It All Goes to $#!t
The Cheap Yankee Guide to Radical Frugality
Suburban Prepping: A Cheap Yankee Guide for S.H.T.F.